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PMP Exam & Certification Free Hints & Tips

Free & fast information that you may need to prepare for the PMI's PMP certification exam. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) is a world recognized body that promotes the discipline of Project Management since 1969. PMI® has Chapters Within & outside the United States.
PMI also conducts an internationally recognized certification exam "Project Management Professional (PMP) certification". You may find useful as you prepare for the PMI's PMP certification exam and to join 1700000 PMP's allover the world.

NOTE: The PMP Exam is based on the PMBOK 2004, 3rd Edition, since Sept. 2005
==== New PMP Exam Objectives =====

After passing the PMP exam, I have received many congratulations from family, friends and some colleagues. I have received many emails as well asking for tips to pass the exam. I would like to share my free tips & quick hints with you all.
I passed my PMP exam on September 8, 2004. I agreed not to divulge the contents of any question I took in the exam. I took the exam at the AMIDEAST centre in Cairo (23 Mossadak St.). I completed the 35 contact hours, PM educational (exam prep course) at the PMI – Egypt chapter in August 2003. I found that course helpful to start preparing to take the exam. Their assessment tests and ongoing support were really useful.

Read the PMBOK® GUIDE twice, I read Rita Mulcahy's book three times "PMP Exam Prep A course in a Book". This book is a useful tool to understand and to practice different exercises. At the last five weeks, I used to go through PMBOK & Rita's book almost every day.

I have practiced the pmptools simulation test bank. I found it useful. The questions were easy in general but I did n't succeed to set a random TEST with 200 questions or to fix the number of questions over one session.
  • I have been through Kerzner as well but for me it is good as a text book.
    After passing the exam I stopped by "Project Management Professional Study Guide" 2nd edition, by Kim Heldman, PMP. I found it helpful to understand the different subjects. Each chapter has informative study notes with many Q&A. The book comes with a CD contains a valuable material that could be easily downloaded in both Pc & PDA formats. This might be a helpful tool for PDA users.
  • Other PMP Study Aids

Allover your studyfor the PMP exam, always try to answer the following: Reasons of that input, where to use that tool, what contents of that output, who are involved, whose responsibility, in what process they are right now as they are doing that, where to document these results, what is the next action they should do, what action is missed, when this document should be produced / modified, is this process a core or a facilitating process ... Always answer PMP questions as per the PMBOK.

I have submitted my application and paid PMI subscription and exam fees on-line.
The on-line form is quick, cool and user friendly.

The PMP Exam:

  • As you all know the PMP exam is computer based over 4 hours. There is a 15 minutes tutorial to get familiar with the system. You will not need the whole 15 minutes, use some of that time to write down the formulas, inputs, outputs, tools and techniques that you remember.
  • PMP exam includes 200 questions
  • All PMP questions are multiple choices. Each question has four possible answers!
  • You must tick the most correct answer.
  • Tackling the PMP exam, read each question carefully and think about the correct answer before reading the given answers.
  • Reading the answers from the bottom up might be a good help.
  • As PMBOK is the main study guide, think the best correct answer according to the PMBOK not your culture or experience.
  • During the PMP exam Be Patient with questions that have long wording. Do n't ever panic.
  • Do n't leave any question unanswered. No penalty for guessing.
  • Some PMP questions may have figures. Some questions may refer to the same figure.
  • Do all calculations in a clear and neat way. You might need to come back to the same calculation later to answer other questions.
    The four hours exam is really a tough job. It is necessary to practice using a PMP simulation test. Always use the stop watch to monitor your pace and always watch out your concentration and mental fitness.

One more free but valuable word:
Having the word "PASS" on the screen will give you a great feeling of joy and self satisfaction, believe me. Good luck & all the BEST

Remember: Professional Projects Management led the humanity to have the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Projects don't FAIL people do

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